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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Finally! I have a lot of pictures of the last week in Norway, which was SO beautiful...when I last wrote of our trip, we had gone up the mountain and were on our way down to Bergen, on the west coast of Norway.

Before we reached Bergen, we had a wonderful 2 ½ hour cruise on the Sognefjord...spectacular scenery and a thrilling experience.

Cool, misty, mysterious...

It's hard to imagine living in such a remote location...but there's always the
"mail boat" which makes daily stops and also takes travelers...

So, we arrived in Bergen, a city dating from the 11th century, always a significant port city and center for trading. It's also a stop for cruse ships...

so tourism is a very important element. There are many colorfully restored building on the old quay...

There is a daily fish market on the wharf

and lots of boats...

The seafood market had a restaurant which we really enjoyed.

We walked the streets of Bergen, seeing wonderful old buildings,

festive street decor...

and statues of famous native sons (this one is Edvard Grieg)

We were amused by the local adaptations for familiar food...

We took a funicular to the top of the mountain for the view...

took pictures of each other...

and had a treat before we left for the ride to the bottom.

I've got WAY too many pictures to include in this post...here is a link to my Picasa album for anyone who wants to see more!

On our last night, we had a farewell dinner with the group, and our charming leader Ylva and I modeled our outfits from Bitte Kai Rand

So...we were no sooner home than we drove north; I dropped Dave off to visit his brother in Santa Clara and I raced to Artistry in Fashion where I met up with
Shams from Communing with Fabric and many other textile-type friends.

This is the only picture I took all day, of Sharon with her distinctive handbag
she bought in Santa Fe 


but helpful friends, like Jane Foster, emailed us copies of their photos.

                       L-R: Jane, Sharon and moi...

Sharon and I discovered Marirose and her wonderful jewelry, so...

 I bought these earrings,

Sharon bought these,

and I bought 3 of these bracelets that have hardly been off my wrist since.
I was very grateful to the readers of my blog who came up to say hi at the event...

Well, that's the end of the travel posts; we HAVE chosen our next trip...to
North Eastern India, but it's not till October of 2015. I'm dying to get back into the studio and sew something, but we are redoing our bedroom, so I may have to take a detour into the realm of home decorating...

I'll head over to Patti's Visible Monday to see what the super visible women are up to...come look, too!


Sunday, October 12, 2014


I didn't know till now what a pop-up trailer was...DD and DSIL were gifted one
for their wedding a year ago. They just took a two week road trip and traveled up and down the California coast pulling the trailer. They arrived at our house on Friday and left today.

This is the trailer un-popped... and here are some pictures of them setting it up yesterday so we could see what it becomes..

It's a two-person job, and Maggie and David have it down to a science...

Here it is half-way up....

And here it is being inspected by DH...

It was fun to see them and hear about their adventures.

Earlier this year, I bought a RTW vest with very interesting pleating...

except I bought mine in a pretty cool-toned taupe...and of course, I had nothing to wear it with...

So....I had recently bought this wonderful hand-dyed shibori dotted black cotton
from Marcy Tilton and decided to use my TNT shirt pattern B5526 to make a long shirt

I added a stand-up ruffled collar, as I have done before, and top-stitched the shirt in a contrast thread for a change...

and, what do you know, I found another taupe and black fabric in my stash, also
from Marcy, many years ago, and made another B5954 to go with the vest.

Well, I have NOT covered the last of our trip in Bergen, nor have I mentioned the very fun time I had at Artistry in Fashion several weeks ago... so more to


Saturday, October 4, 2014


Ooops...life intervened! Jet lag is gone, puppy is FINALLY better, but internet at my house is abysmal, so I'm at the coffee house, with lots to show and tell!

We took the overnight ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo; our accomodations were
spartan, but the ferry trip was fun

Oslo is also a beautiful city...and our good weather held.
 (I don't know why I look so grumpy...see what I'm about to eat!)

Lunch of mussels and frites...and a walk through the city.

We visited an open air museum and several "stave" churches...

We left Oslo and took two days to travel to Bergen, on the coast...up, up through the mountains

stopping at a charming, art-filled family run hotel en route...

I will finish up with Bergen on my next post.

I have been in the studio a bit since my return...I made a pair of pants,
V8929, View C, by Marcy Tilton. The fabric is a paisley denim by EmmaOneSock.
They are so comfortable, I've hardly had them off my body for 10 days!

The Bride and Groom, whose 1st anniversary is tomorrow, are on a two week anniversary road trip and will be stopping overnight next weekend. It's hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly!


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