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Sunday, February 7, 2016


Bosque del Cabo, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Truly a Paradise on earth, and we have been fortunate to visit for the second time. This time we went to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. It was the
perfect choice, we were so very well taken care of.

We spent the days walking, seeing the incredible wildlife, lounging by the pool, napping in the hammock...

and ate fabulous meals, 3 times a day. The fresh fruit was exotic,

the choices many, the bar close by and welcoming...

How lucky we are!

I finally got into my studio, after the usual post-trip activities, and managed to
"save" a vest I had almost made into a wadder...

The pattern is from Cutting Line Designs, the vest from "Light and Shadow' and 
the fabric is a beautiful striped dupioni I bought from Emma One Sock at least
four years ago. The stripe is red, black and silver, and goes with so many of my
wardrobe items, I was desperate to "make it work"...and I did!

I am in the (pleasant) throes of planning a wardrobe for my trip to Paris in the fall...I am skewing the color scheme a little...instead of the true red I have been wearing, I have chosen some fabrics and RTW items in a claret tone, which has a little more blue/brown in it. 

I found this lovely alpaca poncho and fell in love with it...

It is perfect for travel, light and airy! The hat is by Kangol, I have
the same model in black, and it is crushable, so good for travel. (It's called
"The Diva"!)

I also found a pair of boots (imagine that!) that go with the claret tones...

Not only is the color right, they're highly comfortable and will be good for travel.

Based on Sham's recommendations, I enrolled in Marcy and Katherine Tilton's 
newest Craftsy class, called "The Artful Teeshirt".  In their inimitable way, they have made another winner. Their instructions are so clearly spoken, and as always, I learn something new every time I watch it. Highly recommended!

I will pay a visit today to Patti's Visible Monday... come on over and see the highly visible women! Thanks, Patti....


Sunday, January 17, 2016


I've spent a lot of time in the studio since I last wrote...I had TWO "wadders"! Actually, only one was a wadder...a skirt that was a big fail. It went in the trash along with the pattern! The other one is more painful...a vest in a favorite fabric which suffered from sewer's error...I have put it in time out to see if I can come up with a way to save it.

The third try was a success...I have had this interesting fabric for a couple of months and have spent a lot of time coming up with a pattern to use it with.

It's my "Hol(e)y Vest"...The fabric is from Marcy Tilton...

Shams bought some, too, and blogged about it here. I decided to use a 
Cutting Line Design pattern, Artist in Motion. The fabric was difficult to sew, due to the big holes, but I was helped by Sham's post, Marcy's tips, above, and a review of the pattern by Terri K, wherein she added 6 inches to the length. After holding up the pattern to my body, I decided to do the same thing. 

It's a fun piece, and perfect to jazz up an all black outfit.

One of the most exciting things to happen lately was THIS:

After 20 years of sweltering in the summer, and freezing in the winter in my studio,  I now have heat AND AC! I wish I'd done it years ago. Oh, how luxurious!

We are off on Wednesday for 10 days in Costa Rica, to celebrate 40 years
of marriage...we are returning to the wonderful Bosque del Cabo where we took our children and grandchildren for my 70th birthday. Just the two of us...and how lucky we are to have found each other! I decided not to sew anything for the trip, as the ambiance is very casual. Having cleaned my closets a lot in the last year, I was short on linen, etc., so I bought some simple pants and tops

Of course, I have a few culinary triumphs to post about...still loving my Instant Pot!

This is Pork Carnitas, which provided two dinners, with leftovers to freeze for another night...served with warm tortillas, guacamole and salsa...yum!

This is Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken which we had last night and will have tonight, too as we watch Downton Abbey...

and last, but not least, an old favorite which I cooked on the stove/in the oven,

We're eating well!

We probably won't have internet in BdC, so I'll be back after our return!

I'm heading over to Visible Monday on Patti's blog...come visit the other Visibles, too! Thanks for hosting us, Patti. 


Saturday, January 2, 2016


Happy New Year to everyone...I hope your holidays were joyous.

In my last post, I made mention of having an occasion to wear my Mother-of-the-Bride outfit again. It's been more than 2 years since the wedding and I was delighted to have an opportunity to don it once more.

Here I am with my friend Joan

And here's a closer view of the top (V2607), now finally OOP. I loved wearing it again; I don't have many chances to get this dressed up!

Christmas was a mellow time for us; Maggie and David came up on Wednesday and stayed till Monday morning. We did a lot of cooking, as always. I made
Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto with Mushrooms in my Instant Pot

It was very good...and I had an ulterior motive, as there was an Instant Pot waiting under the tree for Maggie and David.

On Christmas Eve, which is when we have our special dinner, I made (again in
the Instant Pot!) this beautiful vegetable salad, from Rancho Gordo's website

The recipe uses wild rice and "Eye of the Goat" heirloom beans, both from RG.
Yes, I'm a bean freak!

To go with the salad, I made Roasted Halibut with Furikake and Capers...
It was very tasty!

Christmas morning was beautiful and calm, just as I like it!

Maggie took this for a photography workshop she is taking...and it won first place in a peer student group!

My one foray into sewing for Christmas is this shirt I made for Dave, M4079, my TNT (tried 'n true) which is OOP. (Out of Print)

The fabric is a lovely quality cotton flannel from Mood Fabrics. Those who sew will understand that stripe-matching BOTH horizontally and vertically is a challenge! Dave is appreciative, as always.

We had left-overs for dinner, and David made a wonderful apple pie...

It's so nice when EVERYBODY cooks!

Saturday morning, Dave had to practice for a music event at his church, so I took Maggie and David out for brunch...we began with Champagne Cocktails

and sat in front of the fire, lovely on a chilly morning.

As is obvious, I have been using my Instant Pot regularly...I made this for New Years Day...

It's Black-Eyed Pea Chili with Quinoa and Corn. Very good! It's one of Sham's
favorites, too. For New Year's Eve in front of the fireplace, we had seared
scallops and garlicky potatoes and broccoli.

I think maybe that's enough about food...I may have to change the name of this blog to A Fool for Food...

The exciting news around here is that I am going to Paris in October with Marcy and Katherine Tilton...And Shams, and, maybe, my friend Joan are going too! I hope Paris is ready for the three of us....

On a final note, I bought an interesting ombre vest by Stella Carakaski...

and use my shawl-turned-poncho when it's cold...

Thanks for your patience in reading this...I had a lot to show and tell!


Monday, December 14, 2015


I finally got my sewing mojo back, and made this wool vest

It's V1453, a Sandra Bettina design which I made in black taffeta back in 
August, and loved wearing in Portugal. This fabric is an interesting sweater knit from Marcy Tilton, black, red and gray, and perfect for my color scheme.

It also has a wonderful striped selvedge that called for a little design tweaking.
I did not use darts in this version, although I think I may go back and put them in...the vest is a little too boxy as is. I added some "memory wire" in four channels in the collar, so I can adjust it  as I want. That's something I'll do again.
The weight is fairly substantial; I washed it before sewing, but it didn't seem to
shrink any. We're having some cold weather finally, so it will be worn.

As will this, a RTW faux fur vest from Loft in charcoal gray. I've wanted a faux fur vest for a long time...I have several pieces of fabric in my stash, but I finally
gave myself permission to pass on sewing faux fur, just like I won't sew any
more King-sized duvet covers!

I'm wearing it over one of my moto jackets, KS 3764, which you can see here and here.

I'm looking forward to one of my favorite holiday parties on Friday; I will finally have a chance to wear my Mother-of-the-Bride outfit again. 

In final happy news, I have a new car after 10 years...it's a "Smart Car" and I'm having fun learning how to take advantage of all the bells and whistles!


Saturday, December 5, 2015


Well, I DID change my mind... I went from this

back to this
and I never for a moment regretted it. My brocade jacket was stylish, comfortable and layered well. I wore all three of the jackets a lot, and layered the raincoat over them as needed.

I added one of my vests if it was cold.
The only vest I didn't use was the black and white ikat one.

Pants? well of the five I took, the Eileen Fisher and the gray chinos got only one wear a piece...

and that was due more to shoes than anything else. I wore my new Stuart Weitzman boots most of the time (they were fantastically comfortable) only switching to the Cole Haan when it really rained.

and because I wore the boots so often, the pant lengths were more important than I realized...so the black jeans and the red jeans got worn the most.

And...because I didn't wear the Eileen Fisher pants, I also didn't wear the tunics I took...so I could have left those at home!

Live and learn!

I wore all my tees and turtlenecks. Yay!

I wore my hat a great deal of the time...not the rain hat, and the scarves and purse were in daily rotation

 I think this was the most cohesive wardrobe I've ever put together, and I enjoyed and felt good in my outfits.

 So glad I had my red raincoat!

I got into the studio this last week, made a wadder and gave it away. I need to get back into my stride!

One  thing that happened recently was that I was chosen by the BurdaStyle Sewing Community as one of the 2015 Top Blogs for Fashion Sewers", and it was a lovely surprise. For those non-sewists reading my blog, Burda is a publishing company that was started
in 1898. It has been publishing a fashion magazine based on sewing since 1949, and designing sewing patterns  since the '50's. I'm honored to be in such august company!


Edited to add: off to Visible Monday at Patti's blog...come visit!